PT Tripower Crew Management is profesionally managed progressively growing company providing comprehensive range of class one personnel management services. Operations are fully commited to safety and quality management and work on well defined personnel policy with total commitment to the training & safety.

PT Tripower Crew Management offers solution to all your crewing needs at very competitive rates. The company has complement of specialized personnel as Officers and Rating crew who are available to work as floating staff on service contracs.

Quality and productivity of Human Resources is one of the most important factors in the success of a company. In order to improve the value of a company, human resources play a significant role to gain the competitive edge in this era globalization. The role of human resources development is become more important from day to day.

We perform professional selection, training, and processing to provide our employers with qualified and motivated personnel under the International Conventions Standards.

All our seafarers are holders of certificates in compliance with IMO, STCW'95 and USCG regulations and requirements. Everyone is fully familiarized with the ISM Code, and has had to pass medical examination (including drug-alcohol tests), English examinations. All candidates must have positive references from previous employers - prospective candidates are shown to the principal's for consideration.

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